Wednesday, April 29, 2009

rang barse

beautiful photography of holi by poras chaudhary found via notcot

reminded me of watching amitabh in silsila growing up.  for those of you who did also ...

Monday, April 20, 2009

more green

have i told you how much i love topiaries? here are a few for your enjoyment...

teapot topiary by maelstrom4ever

elephant by sa1000

on the wall by thehillsarealive

oh, and one more if you can't get enough

more insect related happenings

i've been too busy lately and not in the good way. hopefully things will be back to normal now and i can stop neglecting the things i love. i've been doing almost nothing else but working lately... i did manage to see a real live snail on my porch on saturday after the rain. and my sister showed me these cute little shorts called green porno. here's one:

it seems that i've moved on from some of the things that were holding me back before only to inherit a new set of goals. (i'm trying to stay more positive and call them goals rather than obstacles). I found a great quote on notes to self that is helping me understand some of the mistakes i've been making.

"People who live in the present often wind up exploiting the present to an extent that it starts removing the possibility of having a future."

and for now, some recent inspiration...

Friday, April 10, 2009


the house i lived in when i was a kid had a small porch that my mom decorated with impatients. at night there used to be a lot of slugs around. i was always scared of them and even more scared that i would accidentally step on one. i've never seen a slug in texas but i might be able to enjoy it if i did. this one looks pretty cute.

small slug by lord v