Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Strange Finds

This weekend my girlfriend and I found one of the strangest cologne bottles I've ever seen. We were at a local antique mall, and while I was purchasing a vintage necklace at the register, she found an odd bottle of cologne with Abraham Lincoln on the front.

It looked very distinguished, and since fate brought her to this amazing piece, she knew she had to purchase it. On the ride to the next place, we started naming which presidents we thought were the most sexy and drafting ideas for starting a presidential line of cologne.

I did some interneting (my new favorite made up word) and found some bottles on ebay and etsy... and there's even one of George Washington! Apparently Avon made these in 1970. I can't say it smelled very good. I think President Lincoln deserved a much sexier scent.... just look at that bone structure!


Kate said...

Look at that presidents photo!
A raised eyebrow, slightly coquettish (my word of the week) and those cheekbones.
Bet he had a wicked sense of humour.

goodaudra said...

Heehee, my brother said he liked the husky smell and is going to try and impress his girlfriend with it. Lollerz!

BeckyKay said...

Is there anything that Avon has not commerated with a line of cologne or perfume? LOL!


i just purchases some on ebay and i will try and impress my girlfriend.