Thursday, July 10, 2008

up to...

i've made some effort lately to get some nagging tasks out of the way and it's resulted in a few big purchases in the last few weeks... a bike and some furniture to organize some of the clutter in my house. so, i went to ikea and found the new trollsta line! i really wanted the yellow, but i don't think it would work with any of the other things i own. here's the adorable side table, which i was tempted by but have no room for, so it had to stay at the store. i ended up getting the cabinet and it provided lots of fun for the cats while i was assembling it.

Cleaning out clutter has definitely helped my motivation levels - I feel like i've been in transition lately - it's been hard to find inspiration and make things, but i'm getting back into the swing of it. found this beautiful origami crane on etsy, thought you might like it too.

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fuzzbuzz said...

I feel like I need a whole month to declutter. I also dream about just taking the screen off my window and throwing all my stuff out of it to the masses in the street. ;-)