Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fried fun

i went to the texas state fair twice this year - once for a group outing with my co-workers and again with neil and his co-workers. i haven't been to the fair since high school, and it was really fun to see all the weird fried food options. i don't know if these are new, but i certainly don't remember them being there before.

anyway, here is a sampling of what i saw: fried bacon, fried marshmallows, fried snickers, fried cheesecake, fried ice cream, fried peanut butter & jelly & banana sandwich, fried coke, fried cookie dough, fried moonpies, and fried green tomatoes to name a few.

the fried coke was a complete mystery to me and i was slightly dissapointed that it was only fried batter in some coke with whipped cream on top. dennis ordered one - here's a picture...

and a few more pictures here

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Christine said...

I've been wondering what fried coke was too. I also pictured it somehow involving the frying of the liquid.

Thanks to your picture, I have a better idea now. I'll probably give it a try the next time I spot it.