Tuesday, March 24, 2009

twenty eight

it was my birthday last week, and after i got over my usual "i'm getting old" pity party, i managed to have a nice time and enjoy some time with my family. maybe we can go rollerskating next year.

my sister made me a lemon tart, and it was delicious. we tried to put 28 candles on it, but the package of candles only had 24, meh. here's a picture of the lemon tart... it was delicious... i love it when my sister bakes things for me.

i did make out with some nice presents, including the silverwear i've wanted for a while, a great wine rack... and the DINOSAUR COMICS BOOK!

In other matters, things are a bit messy these days but i'm trying to do my best and stay strong. i've given in to some of my previous weaknesses, but for now i will let myself be inspired by small victories. i need to work on my emotional strength and courage, so here goes for now.

80s muscle mom from edikeskin

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Daniel said...


your worth it.

I turned 29 this year, yeah its starting to suck, but still no time to get any older than we are,

I like that bathing suit also, and I also wont fit. :)