Thursday, December 17, 2009

hello holidays

hello blog!

well, with the move and everything else that has been new, i haven't been here in a while. in fact, i haven't had much time for the internet and so there hasn't been much to share. i try to keep this as less of a 'journal' and more of a 'weblog' so here are some of my recent consumerist obsessions (some of them obviously over-the-top):

the diana mini
a new sofa
beautiful antique jewelry
an extravagant black diamond necklace

oh, and lots and lots of toys for my new puppy honey


i've been pretty busy unpacking and getting things i need for the house... it's been several months and i still have boxes to unpack (oops!)

in the last few months, i've discovered...

llamas are beautiful
the beach is fun even when it's cold
i can probably handle going back to school
that i never realize how long my hair really is until i cut it all off
buying your first house is a lot of work but extremely rewarding (see how long my hair was!?!)

i have really really great people in my life

hope to be back here soon


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