Wednesday, April 9, 2008

finger toes

most of my adult life i've had an extreme dislike for feet, specifically toes. i won't get into the specifics of why, but i tend to cringe when women wear sandals and i can see their toes... especially if they are sporting a french manicure on their toenails. i don't find it as bad if the toes are contained in the sandal, and most of the toes are covered... but sometimes, they just stick out really really far and i think it's unecessary.

my boyfriend is pretty tall compared to most people and therefore has pretty large feet and..... long toes to go with them. we call them finger toes for fun.

so, the point of this whole thing is i found this sweet illustration and it reminded me of the dreaded finger toes. i think they're pretty cute on this elephant.

illustration by manjula padmanabhan found via masala chai


Christopher And Tia said...

my boss hates feet.

i hate yucky feet.

i've never had a pedi?

i like that elephoot.

Hyla Waldron said...

LMAO! My hubby hates feet!