Wednesday, April 23, 2008

yes, it's true

it's true, i grew up in the back of an ice cream shop. my parents opened the shop when they first moved to the US and when they had me, they brought me to the store too. i remember playing in the back room, asking my dad if i could ring up people's sales and even trying to open my own mini shop, trying to sell the candles that we sold for the cakes.

my mom decorated all the cakes... and we had lots of little toppers and toys for them. i specifically remember the little ballerinas... endless hours of fun. so naturally, my heart jumped when i saw this photo by missamyo... you can find her an etsy also.

it was like finding an old childhood friend. now i just need a cone with one scoop of chocolate chip topped off with another scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream to complete the feeling.

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