Friday, April 4, 2008

my math

i remember when i first started to really enjoy numbers, it was in high school when i took pre-calculus. before then math always seemed boring and tedious, but for some reason, everything came together that year and it clicked in my mind. i decided to major in mathematics in college, partly because i wasn't sure what else to do and i had been doing fairly well in high school with it.

today, i still work a lot with numbers even though most of my college years had nothing to do with numbers and was filled with hours of trying to work out proofs and two question tests with those same proofs on them. i love finding math related things and hearing good math related jokes.

i overheard this one from the tv show king of the hill and just had to share:

boy: so, you must be really good at math!
girl: yeah, i'm in trig... what about you?
boy: my math is just called math

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